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Here at the Chevallier farm, the cattle and sheep are raised the natural, healthy way.  It starts with pure Ozark Mountain water, fresh air that is free from the pollutants of the city, sweet naturally grown grass the way nature intended.

"When I was a child growing up on the farm, and when my children were little, we always ate yearlings, pigs, and chickens raised right on our farm. We drank fresh milk from our milk cow, ate fresh vegetables from our garden. After the children grew up and moved away, they would take fresh meat and vegetables back home with them after they came for a visit. This prompted me to think that there must be a demand for fresh meat that has not been mass produced in a feed yard, fed unnatural feedstuffs and forced to grow pounds instead of healthy meat. If I'm not willing to feed myself and my family feedlot cattle, maybe there are others that recognize the value of grassfed beef and lambs. That's why I started this business of Grassfed in the Ozarks."  Dr. Beverly Chevallier

Our Business
Beverly K Chevallier, DVM was raised on a farm and has been a practicing large animal veterinarian for 27 years in Northwest Arkansas. She has the experience and the qualifications to offer a superior food product from the farm directly to the consumer.

Several years ago, the doctor recognized the need to provide quality grass fed meat to consumers; meat that does not have antibiotic additives and are forced to gain weight using high concentrates of grain.

Consequently, you as the customer, know you are getting fresh, healthy meat grown in the Ozark mountains when you buy from us!



An important thing to consider with grassfed beef and lambs is that there are no added hormones or antibiotics fed to the livestock in order to make them grow faster. This has become a recognized potential problem in the food industry.

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