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Big Pete

Baby quail hatched from eggs
we bought on Ebay.  A bantam hen
was their mama.

Dr. Beverly Chevallier
Western Grove Vet Services/Grass Fed In The Ozarks
Rt. 1 Box 113C
Western Grove, Arkansas, 72685

Phone: 870-429-5299

Western Grove is located approximately 14 miles south of Harrison, Arkansas. The ranch is located a short distance out of town. Please call to schedule a visit or get directions. Visitors are welcome.

"The purpose of Grassfed in the Ozarks is to provide the consumer with the same quality meat that I provide for my family, the people I care about. This is meat grown on the farm with plenty of grass to eat and fresh water to drink, without the use of hormones to stimulate growth."  Dr Beverly K Chevallier


Everett thinks he is a cowdog.
He is mistaken.
Lori, on the other hand,
is indeed a cowdog.
Sherman on patrol


An important thing to consider with grassfed beef and lambs is that there are no added hormones or antibiotics fed to the livestock in order to make them grow faster. This has become a recognized potential problem in the food industry.

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