Click to enlargeHorsepoor Hillbilly Ranch was created in 2007 because we love horses, we love to trail ride, and we believe that everyone who trail rides should enjoy the experience on a horse that is sound in mind and body, and has been given an early foundation based in trust and leadership.

We moved to Central Arkansas in 2005 after many years of trail riding the mountains, deserts, and urban areas of Southern California. Because of the conditions there, trail riders in Southern California know that the best trail horses must have good minds and should be exposed to as many different things as possible, trusting their rider/leader to get them safely through any situation.

click to enlargeWe let our horses be horses. Our stallions run and play freely with each other, our mares are pasture bred with the stallion selected for them, and our foals are handled from birth or introduced to human touch as soon after birth as possible.
We offer Registered Rocky Mountain, and Kentucky Mountain Horses. American Mustangs, mainly Kiger and Sulphur, originating from wild stock out of Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming. We also have a few draft crosses.


We welcome you, and invite you to explore our website and take a “walk” around the ranch. Hope you enjoy it….y’all come back now!

We use what is commonly referred to as the Resistance Free training method, allowing each individual horse to progress at their own pace, creating a strong bond between horse and human that results in a trusting willing animal who views the human in his or her life as leader and friend.


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