MMR'S Sir Winston - click to enlarge

MMRS SIR WINSTON ~ Beautiful dapple chocolate/flaxen 2006 RMHA stallion. Wonderful rocky temperament and gait, loves people. Won Open Mountain Horse Championship at his first show, only 4 weeks under saddle!

Sire: Missions Blue Cappucino Dam: VBFS Time Marches On
Both can be seen at Mountain Magic Ranch in Montana

CS Ike's Black Java - click to enlarge
MMRS PRINCE OF PEACE ~ Solid black 2007 RMHA stallion. A real sweetie too, he will be available to sire the next generation of wonderful Rockies after certification in 2010.

Sire: Squirrel Too Dam: Celebrity
Both can be seen at Mountain Magic Ranch in Montana

Diego - click to enlarge
DIEGO ~ 2006 American Mustang Stallion. Exceptionally beautiful line-back red dun paint with four matching white stockings and huge white blaze. Striking! Very mellow, even tempered, respectful and easy to handle. Has taken everything in stride throughout his training.

River - click to enlarge
RIVER ~ 2003 American Kiger Mustang Stallion. Strikingly beautiful dun stallion with the kindest eye. He is progressing nicely in his training and we cant wait to see his babies!

Deacon - click to enlarge
DEACON ~ 2004 American Sulphur Mustang Stallion. A handsome gentleman. Lineback dun with leg stripes. A ladies man who loves people too.

MMR'S Princ Of Peace - click to enlarge
CS IKES BLACK JAVA ~ Lovely, sweet, black 2007 AQHA Foundation bred stallion; 93.69% Foundation, 9.57% King, 7.81% Driftwood

Sire: Frosty Drifter Ike (hes one of Ikes last colts) Dam: Kings Leona Leo
From CrossSpur Quarter Horses in Missouri. Standing in 2010.


We use what is commonly referred to as the Resistance Free training method, allowing each individual horse to progress at their own pace, creating a strong bond between horse and human that results in a trusting willing animal who views the human in his or her life as leader and friend.

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