All the horses listed on this page will be show stoppers with outstanding color, flash and movement.  Calm, friendly and curious, they are handled daily and like people.  All are halter trained, tie, stand for bathing and are quiet about having their feet handled.    All are current on vaccinations, coggins testing and deworming.

Hyton's Own Perfection M
a.k.a. Simeon
TWH # 20702419/BL 
Born - 4/11/07
Sire -  Hytone Spiritwalker M.
Dam -  Pride's Own perfection.
Markings - Crescent moon on forehead and very curly mane and tail. 
Simeon is a stunning black with a silky flowing mane and tail. 

Eros' Perfect Starlite M

a.k.a. Kody
TWH # 20901349 
Born - 4/30/09
Sire -  Eros GGF
Dam -  Pride's Own Perfection
Color- Palomino / Sabino
Markings - Four stockings, bald
Outstanding color, conformation and temperament.  SOLD

Paint's Ridge Runner M.

a.k.a. Pepe
SSHA # 10800902
Born - 4/11/08
Sire -  Paints Red Rooster
Dam -  Diamond Lady Runner
Color- Black/White Tobiano
Markings - Four stockings, mixed mane and tail, white markings.  SOLD

Full brother to Roosters Ridge Runner M



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