"Information quality (IQ) is "the" critical component for the data reserves of all government and business entities. Sundown Consulting Services can assist your company significantly secure and improve the quality of your data reserves by establishing time-proven, industry-recognized processes and procedures.

We provide on-site classes taught by industry-certified instructors based upon recommended standards issued by the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE). These standards supply document templates which easily be modified to fit your company's needs -- providing a solid foundation for your new or improved IQ policies.

Our classes constantly receive superior ratings from student evaluations. After a class presented for J.B. Hunt, one of North America's largest transportation logistics companies with annual revenues in excess of $2 billion and recognized as Wal-mart's Intermodal Carrier of 2006, in Lowell, Arkansas, Quality Assurance Manager Donna Dixon states: "The class Sundown Consulting conducted at J. B. Hunt was excellent. The instructors were very professional. The course concepts and exercises were clearly communicated. We will use them again!! "

Marilyn K. Ledbetter - CSTE, & SCS owner-instructor

As Today's World has become critically dependent upon computer systems due to the ever-increasing volume of information, the assurance of having key aspects of your business experience the "human touch" with day-by-day manual auditing has been tremendously minimized; however, by utilizing professional software testing techniques, your company's information can have built-in assurances of consistent quality. Also, as a result, an important side benefit will be realized - documented, repeatable tests which can set the stage for future testing automation.

Government and industry all face complex challenges in today's highly competitive global environment and each are striving to find the balance between:

Demands for faster delivery

Information quality concerns

An ever-changing business environment

Minimizing "Errors & Omissions" claims

An ever-increasing volume of information

Staying profitable, competitive, and remaining in business

Sundown Consulting Services can introduce industry-recognized proven processes and procedures into your company by providing training presented by senior-level software testing professionals.

■  "Software Testing - The Process and the Profession"  This 2-day basic software testing theory class introduces several topics included in industry-recognized certification tests and provides total exposure to the function and benefits of software within an organization.

As an extra bonus, activities can be included which have very much enjoyed by previous classes. These activities are presented by our colleague with several years' experience in leadership development and can include an activity which helps to determine each student's "teaming" personality - ultimately identifying how best they can excel within a team while identifying all of the various "teaming" personalities.

This class can be offered from different perspectives based upon the expected audience:

  • All software testing professionals
  • Entry-level software testing associates
  • Experienced software testing associates
  • Mixture of software testing experience
  • Non-software testing professionals. Developers, leadership, other job roles - those who interface with software testing associates
  • A combination of the above. If a mixture of job roles attend, a short round-table discussion can be held at the end of the 2-day class to work through the new information and to help determine how these new processes could be introduced at your company

Each student receives an extensive training manual.

Click here to see the topics covered in "Software Testing - The Processes and The Profession".

Round-table discussion - In a consulting role, Sundown Consulting Services moderates discussions between job roles selected by you to help work through information quality issues your company may be experiencing while focusing on the positive aspects of how things are currently being done.

1-Day information quality audit - An on-site quality audit to review your current processes and procedures with the goal of receiving an information quality audit report.

Sundown Consulting Services Instructors

Phillip G. Basinger
CSTE (Certified Software Testing Engineer) credentials from Quality Assurance Institute plus:

  • 20 years US Army Officer, including several years in test and evaluation plus new systems development

  • Litton Corporation, Software Test Director for Space Mission Payload Software, U.S. Space Command, Colorado Springs Co

  • Acxiom Corporation, Software Test Team Lead, Director System Integration Testing, Senior Level Software Tester/Test Manager

Marilyn Ledbetter
CSTE (Certified Software Testing Engineer) credentials from Quality Assurance Institute plus:

  • Over 20 years teaching experience at a community college in Tulsa, Oklahoma, teaching both credit and non-credit computer science-related courses

  • Over 34 years of solid IT experience ranging from consulting at Fortune 500 companies to working Year 2000 contracts plus permanent employment arrangements with several major companies as a Senior Systems Analyst, Systems Administrator

  • Senior Programmer, education specialist, and Senior Software Tester

  • International instructor of software testing theory

Gail Stickney
Graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education with an emphasis in Human Resource Development. She is employed by a Fortune 500 company as Human Resource Manager of Leadership Development.

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